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Nov 5, 2009 5:00pm EST
at ford hood, the largest u.s. army post here in the united states. >> bob, you mentioned the graduation ceremony that was about to take place this afternoon. had families already begun arriving. were there more people on post than normal? >> reporter: we believe so. because of central standard time we believe the ceremony was supposed to start a half hour after the shooting. you have to believe there were a lot of people there on post. we expect the president to speak about this momentarily. let's go o the white house. president obama. >> everybody have a seat. let me first of all just thank ken and the entire department of the interior staff or organizing just an extraordinary conference. i want to thank my cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. i hear that doctor joe medicine pro was around. i want to give a shout out to that congressional medal of honor hero. good to see you. my understanding is that you had an extremely productive conference. i want to thank all of you for coming and your efforts. i want to give you my solemn guarantee. >> i want
Nov 17, 2009 5:00pm EST
change and prevent nuclear proliferation. because of our cooperation, both the united states and china are prosperous and secure. what is important is to respect and accommodate the core interests and major concerns. >> outstanding divisions remain between the countries on a variety of issues, including trade policy, iran and human rights. both leaders agreed to meet early next year. >>> mammogrs for women under 50 don't necessarily save lives. tell that to breast cancer survivors. the healthcare community is divided tonight. who should you believe? the latest on the breast cancer screening battle coming up next. >>> swine flu wants to blame for employees calling in sick left and right. if you came down with the virus, can you afford to stay home? congress is checking the -- taking the sick leave debate to the top. >>> and the money team is on the hunt for deals. mel? >>> if your holiday to do list is too long,. >> an interesting way for you to manage that stress. how about taking a vacation from the holiday and we'll show you how in the holiday survival guide. 
Nov 30, 2009 5:00pm EST
as the 60th vote. in the united states senate monday, the great debate got underway. >> the authors of the bill have done a very good job. >> i don't think this bill can be fixed. >> reporter: the democrats 2074 page health care bill promises to cover millions of uninsured. crack down on insurance companies for denying coverage or charging extra for preexisting conditions, but it woulds a also cost money -- $848 billion over ten years. >> health care will come if we dedicate the coming weeks to solutions, not scare tactics. >> reporter: senator reid is referring to the republicans statements that the bill will cost trillions and put government in charge of major health care decisions. >> democrats don't seriously confront this problem in their 2 ks 074-page monument, monument to mo more government, more taxes, more spending and more debt. >> reporter: the bill needs 60 votes to pass. the same number of seats democrats control but you only have to look at the man occupying the presiding chair of the senate on monday see why its passage is far from a sure thing. >> the current cost of
Nov 12, 2009 5:00pm EST
in the united states. of the 4,000 who have die540 were children. a total of 98,000 people have been hospitalized since april a. third of them kids. now, these numbers are a lot higher than previous estimates. the cdc says it's a more accurate representation. keeping an eye on potential mutations of the swine flu is a top priority. they want to be prepared for genetic leaps. >> reporter: as h1n1 influenza races across the continent, a team of researchers in san francisco are tracking its every move and mutation. >> we really want to find out how rapidly is it changing, is it changing at all and ultimately, if so, what implications does that have with regard to vaccine and drug resistance. >> we have tested a lot of viruses. and it hasn't changed genetically and neither has the immune characteristics. >> reporter: influenza has a tendency to mutate and big genetic leaps can be catastrophic. doctor chew and his team are tasked with making sure it never happens again. >> i'm hoping the work we do here will help better manage pandemics. >> reporter: specimens are kept at minus 110 degree
Nov 2, 2009 5:00pm EST
because it conflicts with the long-standing common law of the united states and the common law of the district of columbia, which both define marriage as between man and woman. >> reporter: while. >> while most proposals come with the anxiety of wondering will he say yes, sadly i feel the same anxiety as i ask this committee, will you give me and andy the right to be married? will you say yes? >> reporter: more than 100 people testified before the council in the first hearing last week. members are expected to vote on the matter by year's end. >>> a consumer alt tonight. more than two dozen people already sick. we're all over the contaminated beef fueling a nationwide recall. >>> and plus a gruesome find inside of the home of a convicted rapist. could it mean closing a half dozen cold cases. >>> and what makes this huge navy assault ship so special to new york city? we will take you aboard up next. >>> we have survived halloween weekend and in to the month of november we go. some places have clouds and some have full sun. what about tuesday and the rest of the evening? we'll ha
Nov 3, 2009 5:00pm EST
in the united states. if it is discovered at birth, children are to go on supplements and a low protein diet the rest of their lives, and it is note cheap. and that's part of the campaign, was to make treatment more affordable for everyone. >> he's certainly getting some more attention about this, too. >> reporter: maybe they may not find the bike, but i learned something new. pku if not treated can lead to severe mental retardation. so maybe we educated people about this as well, so there's a silver lining in this. >> hopefully somebody will step up. >> shame on them. >> claudia, thank you. >>> virginia voters are choosing a new governor today. the results of that election and two other key national races could reflect on president obama. the races are being watched as a symbolic vote on how people feel about the white house. fox's bill hammer is more with on how the other races are shaping up. >> reporter: good evening to you. we will talk about virginia in a moment. in new jersey, this is a neck and neck race. president barack obama has tied himself to core zine, stumping there three time
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6